Officers elected at the October 2020 Annual Vestry Meeting

Select Vestry for 2020/21

Stephen Addis

Janet Bell

Heather Campbell

Stephen Campbell

Graham Chipperfield

Barbara Farrell

Alma George

Trevor Wilson

Jill Wilson

Rosie Taylor

Sandra Price

Irene Calvert

Vicars church wardens for 2020/21:

Derek McClurg (Glenavy)

Frances Dunlop (Crumlin)

Maynard Porter (Glebe)

People’s church wardens for 2020/21:

Vicky McCullough (Glenavy)

Derek Gilmore (Crumlin)

John Taylor (Tunny)

David Steele (Glebe)

‘Triennial’ positions

(not members of select vestry, unless elected/appointed above):

Diocesan synod

Roy Totten and Stephen Addis

Diocesan synod (supplemental)

(1) Janet Bell and (2) Frances Dunlop

Parochial nominators

Zoe Barnes, David Steele, Roy Totten, Heather Campbell

Parochial nominators (supplemental)

(1) Trevor Wilson (2) Stephen Addis


Thank you to everyone who was willing to be nominated. Please pray for those who have been elected to serve the Lord and our Parish in this way.

Revd Linda Cronin