What ‘Church’ will be like

These are just the things that we know about at this stage. More constraints may well come to light as we seek to reopen our church buildings.

  1. We are likely to have to have a booking system for those wishing to attend Church and to prevent having to turn folk away as we are ‘full’

  2. The congregation must fill up the church from the FRONT pew, to prevent passing too close in the aisle. We will not be able to sit in our usual seats!

  3. There will be NO SINGING in church 

  4. Said responses will be said quietly - the louder = more germs spread

  5. There are to be no prayer books, Bibles etc - where we can we must use the projector and screen

  6. We must remove paperwork from the notice boards etc

  7. No congregating outside the church before or after Church

  8. Face covering is voluntary, but may bring reassurance so some - this would however make Holy Communion difficult

  9. Holy communion - lining up- no coming up to the rail to receive. Only in one kind. We will need plastic gloves to distribute the bread at HC and lots of hand sanitiser

  10. Where possible we need to have a one-way system in and out of Church, to avoid going past each other.

  11. If we have folk doing the bible reading etc, we need to decide where they stand - no touching lecture or microphones

  12. At the end of the service we must dismiss people row by row

  13. No Coffee or tea to be served.