Preparation for returning to ‘Church’

These are just summary headings for some of the things that we need to do. Whilst the Select Vestry will be taking a lead in completing the preparations, we will need a significant number of volunteers to not only get the set-up done but also to sustain these additional tasks over the coming weeks and months.

  1. We have to develop a COVID 19 plan, including all risk assessments, identifying who is taking responsibility and give evidence that this is being done. For example, we would have to have a plan in place for dealing with someone arriving in church who displays symptoms of COVID 19.

  2. We need to make it clear as to who should not attend, and we have to provide a clear and unambiguous statement - this has to be displayed outside our Churches

  3. We have to provide clear guidelines as to how our services are to be conducted - it will not be ‘business as usual’. There will need to be changes made to some long-established practices 

  4. We need to help folk realise that it is ok not to come to Church just because its open.

  5. We need to have Public Health signage displayed at entrances, but in a way that prevents a bottle neck of people

  6. We need to provide marking to promote 2m social distancing. 

  7. We have to have hand sanitiser, tissues and closed pedal operated bins.

  8. We need to give our Churches a good clean before every service and ensure all hard surfaces are cleaned.

  9. All soft furnishings must be removed.

  10. Seating must be clearly marked and arranged. Our churches will not be able to accommodate a normal full congregation.

  11. There has to be training held for all stewards and Church Wardens in the Parish

  12. All employees and Readers are required to complete a ‘Return to Work’ form which has to be sent to the Diocese - it is also advised that volunteers complete these for parish records.