Changing arrangements for our services during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Many of us have grown accustomed to using the Zoom software for our Sunday gatherings. They have taken some getting used to, but the Zoom platform is serving us well.

We will start using the FaithLife streaming service in place of Zoom on 1st November.

We will continue to use Zoom for Elevenses and for the mid-week Bible Studies.

Connecting to Faithlife

As we return to church we will be introducing a new way of accessing the video of the service. We are going to be using the “Faithlife Live Stream” to see the video. As Faithlife offers us far more than just a streaming service, we are encouraging all members of Glenavy Parish to register, even if you intend to come back to the church buildings for Sunday worship. We will not be turning on all the bells and whistles until the new arrangements for the Sunday gatherings are bedded in. However, we would welcome all many people as possible to take a look at Faithlife and give feedback on how best to use the system. There is a video introduction available to the Faithlife app available here.


As with Zoom, FaithLife has a setup and registration process to go through. If you are reading this on an iPhone or iPad, I would encourage you to load the 'Faithlife: Community for Churches' app from the App Store. Android users of smart phones and tablets should follow this link to the Google Play Store to load the equivalent app. Users of desktop or laptop computers will always connect up using their browser.


To join the "Parish of Glenavy" Faithlife Group, the following steps are those to be taken by computer users. The principals are the same for other devices...

  • If you already have a “Faithlife” or “Logos” account then please 'Sign In' to skip the registration step. Most of us will need an account, so please click on the 'Get Started!' option on the form.

  • Registration simply needs three pieces of information; your name, email address and a password. Your name need not be your full name. It just needs to give sufficient detail to identify you to the administrator (to approve your registration) and to other members of the congregation. Households can give themselves a group name. The email address will be used to send out information about updates to the site. The password will remain confidential to you. The two 'Sign me up' options do not have to be ticked. I suggest that you leave them clear. You can always change your mind later.
    When all is complete, simply click on the 'Register' button.

  • You will be asked to find a group. Type in “Parish of Glenavy” into the search bar and select the group in the list with our parish logo on it...

  • This will take you to our parish Group Dashboard. This is packed full of possibilities. A couple of options may be of particular interest to some. Those intending to connect with smart phones or tablets may well benefit from loading up the appropriate 'Mobile App' from the link at the bottom of the left hand column. The nerds among us will have hours of fun reading through all the Help instructions. Enjoy...