Mothers' Union Evening of Music & More   
St John's Mothers' Union were delighted with the support from the Parish at their Evening of Music & More.  A BIG thank-you also goes to those who helped in the preparations and setting-up for the event--St John's men really excelled themselves !
I also want to personally thank all the ladies of the Mothers' Union who, so willingly do all the work behind the scenes, usually without being noticed!
We do hope that everyone enjoyed the evening as we tried to include something for everyone! I am sure those of you who attended would agree that all the artists gave their very best to entertain us. We should be thankful for their talent and commitment!
The artists were encouraged by the very responsive audience and would be happy to come back so, maybe in another 4 years we'll have gathered up the energy to repeat the event !
The evening was not a massive fundraiser but hopefully the fun and fellowship provided was well worth the effort!
'Til the next time!   Lyn Cassidy
 The artists were:      Crawford Bell (compere & musician)

                                    Ann Crawford (story teller)
                                    Amy & Kaitlin (dancers)
                                    Amy Roberts (Gospel singer)
                                    Peter, Eugene & Michelle (singers)
                                    Roses Lane Ends Band
                                    Lottie McCreanor (poems)