Beginning Tues 26th May, we're hosting some seminars with Michael Moynagh and Fresh Expressions practitioners exploring key themes from contextual mission and the lessons they offer to the wider church beyond the Coronavirus lockdown.

These webinars are designed for anyone who is interested in finding out more about the Fresh Expressions journey. Maybe you've always wanted to start a Fresh Expression of Church or maybe you've been in church ministry for a long time and you're interested in exploring new ways to be church in this current season. 

To Register for free click on this link .

The sessions are based around the units from the Godsend App and you can choose to attend one or more of the sessions below:

  1. Tue 26th May - First Things First: starting a fresh expression (Unit 7)

  2. Wed 27th May - Divine Inspiration: Listening for ideas
    (Unit 8)

  3. Thu 28th May - Strangers Becoming Friends: nurturing community (Unit 11)

  4. Tue 2nd June - Encountering Jesus: exploring faith
    (Unit 12)

  5. Wed 3rd June - Four Essential Relationships: the essence of church (Unit 16)