Because we believe the Church is not primarily a building or an institution, but people whom God has called to himself, we will give priority to hearing God’s Word together, encouraging each other to persevere in faith, and invoking God’s Spirit to work among us.

Because our Lord Jesus told us to love our neighbour as ourselves, and showed us how, we choose to address the needs of the community in which we live, rather than separate ourselves from it in the interests of our purity, or safety, or comfort.

Because Jesus prayed that his people might be one, we will seek ways to join other Christians locally so as to be witnesses to God’s reconciling love in Christ.

Because we believe that God has given each Christian gifts and abilities, so that each member of the church has a contribution to make, just as the parts of a body function for the good of the whole, we will encourage each other to develop these gifts in our life together, and showed us how, trusting God to lead and serve his divine purposes among us.